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September 07, 2011


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Do you have a dehydrator? You could dry some for the winter. I'm doing lots of dehydrating lately myself!


slice and freeze them?

A Jaded Mama

I don't, Sonia! Do I need one?

Jill, do they freeze well? They've got all that graininess to them. I remember studying it in grade 10 biology but can't remember what it is.


Yes, definitely! You can find smaller ones that are less than $100, I think mine was about $50. I just got one this year and its awesome! I didn't have much luck dehydrating blueberries, but the apples and peaches worked great! The kids LOVE the dried fruit, too.

A Jaded Mama

Okay, sold!! When I redo my kitchen in the early new year I'm getting me one. That sounds like fun and a great way to deal with the enormous amounts of fruit that come through this house thanks to our local CSA. Have you ever dehydrated grapes?


I haven't tried grapes yet but I would like to!


DUDE! I'm canning up a storm over here. Wish I had know you had such an abundance. I would have volunteered to can them! LOVE canned pears!

A Jaded Mama

ARGH! I need you to teach me how!! Next year though as Fred gave away half the crop and then we've either eaten the rest perfectly ripe or made them into cakes or crumbles. It's a date for next year!

Moncler Jacka

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