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September 08, 2011


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"I do allow my kids the occasional treat. But I will freak out on you if you push certain products on them because I strongly feel that these products are, in fact, anti-life and will suck nutrients from my kids' delicate and beautifully balanced systems. They don't need these "treats" and I thank you for not putting me in an awkward position where I become the bad guy. Please make responsible choices on behalf of my children, for their sakes." I love this.. I can't stand when people shove junk in my kids mouths because they think either, one it won't hurt them or two they don't get any from me. I am the parent, respect MY DECISIONS! - nuff said :/


I hear you : )

A Jaded Mama

Thank you, Ladies. Your comments are very validating. Now if only my father and husband would read this...

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