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September 26, 2011


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This post is so informative. I would love for you to come
share it at FAT TUESDAY. I hope you will
put FAT TUESDAY on your list of carnivals to visit
and link to each week!



Aw, your just showing off with that perfectly gelled stock :). Well done. I'll follow your recipe next time and see how i go!

I've recently learned about bone broths too. They're wonderful. A true superfood.

A Jaded Mama

Hi Jill,
I actually shared another post at Fat Tuesday today but would be happy to share this one too!

Yes, I was particularly proud of that batch because it was the first one I figured out how to gel. Thanks for your wonderful comment!


I'm excited for Thanksgiving.. we get to take the carcass home and that makes a yummy stock!


er Turkey carcass that is!


is using less water what made you stock gel?


I love homemade stock - so easy, so nutritious and essentially free! If you have a source for chicken feet they make the best stock ever.

A Jaded Mama

Sunshinegirl485, yes, the water only just covers the bones when I simmer my stock. Also, I never simmer a chicken carcass for less than 24 hours and beef bones for 72 hours.

Christy - I am hoping to find poultry feet tomorrow at the farm I'm going to visit!


I featured this post from Fat Tuesday on my Sunday Snippets. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you next week!



How long do you roast the beef bones?

A Jaded Mama

Hi Rebecca - I roast them for about half an hour.

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