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September 05, 2011


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I'm so glad to hear you are into "Real Food". ;) I'd love to try this recipe but we are on GAPS and thus grain free.. any substitution ideas for the oat bran or breadcrumbs? I think without they might be drier? We make our own broth all the time, yum!

A Jaded Mama

Morning Sonia,
I'm so glad I'm into Real Food too! It's actually always been a philosophy that has resonated with me, but I spent so much time on social media that I didn't feel I had the time to cook...very very sad.

I've put some thought into GAPS friendly alternatives. I don't think any of the substitute flours, such as coconut or almond, will cut it. What I did think of, though, was maybe lima bean puree. I think this would make for SUPER moist meatballs. In that case, what I'd do is cut back on an egg, because it will be too mushy to hold together as balls. And I would only use maybe half a cup to start, and see if you feel you can add more. I'll try it out next time I make these and you try it too and let me know how it goes!


That's a good thought, I'll have to give it a try!


my aunt makes her meatballs with chic pea flour, which is just ground up dry chic peas. So yummy. i make mine very similar to yours. along with the cumin i add a pinch of nutmeg as well. and tumeric bc we are moroccan, and everything has to be yellow. i tried adding veggies before, but the kids saw through it and wouldn't eat them. but with the chic pea flour instead of bread or bread crumbs, i'm happy.

A Jaded Mama

Rachel, that sounds awesome! I'd thought about the chickpea flour but they aren't allowed on the diet Sonia is on :( In the meantime, I tried to make chickpeas from scratch to roast them and FAILED. Can you believe it? How hard can they be??


Ok I made them and they were delish! I used 1/2c of lima bean puree. I also added some thyme and oregano. (Veggies I used were Kale, cauliflower and carrots.) Also, they work well without eggs! (Only because I forgot to add them, opps!)

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