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June 10, 2010


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I used a mix of AMPs and AC for my daughter (because that was what you sold at Azure Wraps) and loved the stuff. When I had my twin boys, I dreaded the $800+ cost for another set and after going back and forth trying to skimp and maybe find a cheaper option, I decided to just go for it. I got lucky and found someone selling size1 covers used so that saved me some $$$ and made things easier at the beginning (cause washing like everyday is tough! 1 set for 2 kids... not!!!). Then bought a brand new full size2 AC kit. Glad I did!!! I actually cringe when I see my friends putting those smelly disposables on their kids. I LOVE AC!!!! Once you go AC you can never go back!


AMEN!!! We use ACs as our primary CDs with a couple of other WAHM brands in between. The customer service ALONE is second to none. I LOVE how versatile the covers are (pocket or cover/inserts) and the obvious care that was taken in crafting a diaper that was both very effective AND trim fitting. And if this wasn't enough, both covers & inserts dry very quickly compared to the other brands I use--so even MORE $$ saved in electricity costs!


I must admit, I have heard rave reviews of your diaper but have yet to try one. Simply because I really can't afford it. I've had my guy in prefolds and BumGenius OS pockets since he was born at 7 and a half pounds and they still fit him fine at 25 pounds. At a savings of almost $10 per diaper, I can't afford to even think of buying AppleCheeks. However, I do have a registry set up for my son's 1st birthday and your diapers are on there. I'm curious to try out such fabulously reviewed, trim diapers if someone should be so generous as to buy them for me.

Mindy Farmer

This explanation makes me wish I'd learned about Apple Cheeks when I first started cloth diapering and went for a "system" approach, rather than variety approach. I had a much more meager budget than $836 to begin with, though, so I would have had to start with a much smaller number of ACs. It's difficult because you don't want to sacrifice quality, but you have to watch budgets as well. I guess the thing to do now is to start helping parents decide to cloth earlier so they can budget for the big expense all at once. I love your diaper and truly wish I had more. I have several size 2 diapers in different brands, though, so I hope to buy more size 1 acs when we have a third baby one day.

Mary M.

I think a comparison might be Seventh Generation disposables. Everyone knows it's better and worth the extra cost, but some simply can't afford it, esp fulltime.


I really wanted to enter your giveaway and it should be open until tomorrow, but the comments on that post are closed! Bummer!

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