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January 26, 2010


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Amanda M

We have the turtle and it has been amazing since my son started sleeping in his own crib/bed. I will definitely buy my next chid his/her own just so they can have their own!


Ok ive been a bad follower/reader! But just now caught up & that ladybug is adorable! I hope your lil ones sleep soundly again tonight!


Every month we sell dozens of these at our store. Probably one of our best sellers for all the reasons you mention!

As for Azure, I wish I had some sage advice, but "this too shall pass" is the only thing that comes to mind. Could she come sleep with you guys when she wakes up? Then at least you wouldn't have to get out of bed? Or maybe snuggle in with Pheonix, just till she starts to feel secure again?



Bridie - She would LOVE to come sleep with us when she wakes up but Phoenix is already there (well, in her twin next to me) and what with my husband's snoring and Phoenix's noises I just would not sleep. I'm a big co-sleeper (she moved out at 3.5 well after Phoenix arrived) but ideally it would be one kid at a time. I have a feeling that once the new baby comes I'm going to be doing a lot of bed hopping. As soon as Phoenix decides to move into Azure's room for real it will change a lot. I know Azure just wants company and I feel her pain but I'm seeing that it's really a choice on her part not to turn over and go back to sleep, and I'm trying to incite her to choose her own bed.

So tonight Phoenix chose the bed next to me again and I reminded Azure and had her repeat back to me that if she wakes up and the ladybug is off, she should just turn it on and go back to sleep. I'll let you know how it goes! I don't much care where everybody sleeps, so long as they sleep and let me sleep!


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