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September 13, 2011


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Ilana, that right there is my problem with Zoe and Moses. Picky eaters, not so great teeth!! I might have to try that spearmint extract Sarah suggested on The Healthy Home Economist. It is supposed to help with picky eaters.

Joel Jackson

Fermented cod liver oil? Heh, that sounds pretty nasty! In any case that sounds like an interesting book. Tooth decay can cause a lot of problems, which is why we should take good care of our teeth to prevent problems.

Doris Pender

Your concerns about your child's dental health are best discussed with your trusted family dentist. A healthy exchange of ideas between you and your dentist as regards new studies about oral health is a step in the right direction. Do not hesitate to bring up any topic that is causing you to worry.

Williams Schermer

Well, there's nothing wrong about reading books regarding tooth decay. Besides, treating simple oral problems at home can save a lot of money. But having a regular bi-annual check-up with a reliable dentist should not be forgotten to maintain healthy teeth.

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