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August 03, 2010


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Sarah J

thank you for this! we only used prefolds with my son, but i was able to talk my husband into letting me add 3- size 1 applecheeks to our stash! i can't wait to try them in december. :)


Thank you for this. I have been debating on what to do when my second one is born as I did not cloth diaper from the beginning with my first! This was great information!

Magda Azouz

Thanks for the info on stains, just had my 1st poop accident this week...

Emily B.

Thanks! We're expecting our first and my husband is not keen on cloth diapering, but I am. It will be good to be prepared with answers to his questions!


Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a great post. I loved, loved, loved cloth diapering a newborn. We used cloth from just hours after E was born, and we don't look back with any regrets. Meconium was nothing. Many diapers have a snap down or a design made to accommodate the umbilicus. Poop is ... well poop.

Beautiful post! I hope more families who want to use cloth diapers are encouraged that cloth diapering a newborn is just as possible. The sheer numbers of throw away diapers a newborn goes through is staggering. May this post put to rest some of the hesitation to use cloth from the start!



I totally agree about Applecheeks containing blowouts. We were always having blowouts when my daughter was using disposables (before we switched to cloth). We've never had one with our cloth diapers because of all the elastic, especially in the back. Thanks for a great summary for those new to cloth diapering a newborn. I'm going to pass it along to others.

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Awesome awesome post! Thanks for taking the time for explaining how CD works for a newborn. This is one topic that was super hard to find info on. Thanks Ione for being such a great model!

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