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February 22, 2010


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Really? Baking soda? No Dawn? Really?


Give it a try and let me know! Dawn is good when you have REALLY tough repelling buildup from dryer sheets but otherwise we don't find it necessary.


I had to break an addiction to those things.

I am actually terrified of a kid crawling into a dryer. It's a fear of mine.


I never had stinkies until I started using a wet bag inside of a closed diaper pail. Before it was an open bucket & I would strip with RLR once every 2 months. But now I am finding I need to strip every 2 weeks. It's nuts. I need to strip all my current diapers because I think it may have some to do with the Dryer sheets that I just recently started using again too. Thanks for the post.


I cloth diapered for 5 years without ever using the dryer. Yep, hung them all up to dry while living in an apartment in a damp/humid harbour town. I never used hot water either and never had stink issues unless I forgot a diaper and it went a couple weeks without washing, which was ew!! We did the open bucket thing and never had any stink. It just kind of dispelled into the air, lol! I would only use a little detergent (like a tablespoon or two either of homemade or liquid). Sometimes I would give a second rinse, but not always; usually only if I forgot them in the washer overnight.

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